YNW Juvy & YNW SakChaser have been shot and killed in Miami. The reports started coming in late last night when police stated that 3 men arrived at the hospital with gunshot wounds, two of them pronounced dead on the scene.

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YNW Melly is an extremely controversial artist with his flamboyant style, this being one of the leading factors why the high pitched “Murder On My Mind” established artist rose to fame. His past is a bit patchy, and he raps very lividly about the crimes he and his friends have committed. Anyone unfamiliar with YNW should know that both Sakchaser and Juvy were both aspiring artist, both in their early twenties with nothing but life ahead of them.

The incident is apparently a response to a robbery gone bad, reports are a bit fuzzy right now but it’s believed that (someone, or someones) attempted to rob both Sakchaser and Juvy in Miami last night, and the two aspiring artist fought back, thus causing them to lose their lives. The status on the third victim is unclear at this time.

RIP Juvy, RIP Sakchaser, Prayers going out to your families.