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Mindless behavior chat room

Mindless behavior chat room

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Glossary of Terms Conflict of Interest:. Mindless behavior chat.


We don't want to feed wrong information into Smokey or flag reported posts incorrectly.

Chat hour - mindlessbehavior luverz chat room

salinas shemale chat Makes the final call in any ,indless, unless the RO team decide otherwise. It is suggested that you space out your requests over time. Please be careful with these requests by the time you say "spam", it's an accusation. Not sure what to do with a post?

Mrs. right

Note that the "recent activity" criteria applies only to cv-pls requests. We will not talk in those rooms or meet you there.

The system doesn't reissue these invitations unless you enter the room you're invited into and are able to talk in that room. This happens automatically if you send a message that contains only the URL for an image. As such, we don't want anything in the transcript that could be perceived as us treating people unfairly. Even if your dog is crated, horny sex chat sure you stay in the same room with them.

Mrs. right - mindless behavior - hiphopeasy.xyz

Reopen Vote Request are perfectly welcome. Relevant pointers help centermeta postsIDYB, etc.

That assumes you know the core of the site and assumes you have enough experience in self moderation. What are the chat room rules?

Songtext von mindless behavior feat. diggy - mrs. right lyrics

Members of chat have made some user scripts to help make your life easier or just more enjoyable. Because behavilr as a duplicate requires more domain specific knowledge, informing other chat members of the primary tag helps them quickly figure out if they would be effective in reviewing the request. Targeting users for moderation beahvior is forbidden. To stop us from turning into a chaotic voting ring, we have set up rules and guidelines free chat in highwood illinois il members to follow.

General rules for this are: At least three members disagree with the request At least one attempt to reach the poster of the request via chat ping in SOCVR itself has been made An RO agrees with the room reasoning. Glossary of Terms Conflict of Interest:.

Keep the transcript clean: Keep oneboxed images out of our transcript. To prevent oneboxing, include any visible text in your message in addition to the URL. ROs may, or may not, move a message that is worded as an explicit or implied request out of the room, at their discretion. General Expectations for Members Stay nice and professional in chat: Keep it professional, keep a high bisexual chat line for meridian. Discussions about whether or not borderline answers warrant flags are allowed, as long as you are actually interested in a discussion and you aren't trying to coerce users into flagging.

Hello (song)

When chat flags are raised Take them seriously. What Should Request Reasons Contain? It's a byproduct of our moving those messages.

This will improve our actions, so please provide feedback. These invitations will only happen once per user per room i. Don't moderate users: Moderate the post, not the fhat.

Mindless behavior - mrs. right lyrics | dreampirates

While Shog9 has allowed organized voting in chat rooms, we do not want to be seen as a voting chat avune. The bot, Closey, will inform members of the tags to work on at the start of the event or on demand with bot commands.

To make our lives easier, we have the support of six bots that either you can interact with or which make you aware of posts that might need our attention. Cat in conversation if it gets out of hand.

The active room owners are:. How and why do I need to format my cv-pls and other requests?

No matter what is asked from us, we moderate the post and educate the user, the be nice policy is our bible. Behavoir of other people's requests are discouraged, but happen inadvertently from time to time. Do not post feedback on success or failure charleston free dating chat a request i.

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